Thursday, 23 August 2012

How To Get Maximum Performance Out Of An Offshore Call Centre

Every organization wants to perform at its maximum potential in each and every segment of its business. Whether it is an in-house department or an outsourced project, the expectations are always to get the best possible results. However, this is not always possible due to various different reasons.
Today, organizations outsource most of their customer support activities to offshore call centres as they offer a wide range of benefits. Mentioned below are few suggestions that can help offshore call centres in maximizing their performance, and thus that of their clients.

The Expectations: The managers should set realistic goals and expectations for their agents. Keep the expectations as clear as possible to avoid any contradiction at later stages. Further, express them in a very simple manner so that each and every person is able to understand it easily. If you set unrealistic goals for them that look unreachable then it may break the confidence of the agents at the very early stage.

Provide Constant Guidance And Feedback: Everybody makes mistakes in the beginning and requires some guidance. You should provide constant guidance to your agents as they would need it when they start the work. This will help them better understand things and build up their confidence. Moreover, you are also required to provide them with proper feedback regarding their performance, positives and negatives. If they are not told about their shortcomings then how would they correct them?

Reward Them As Per Their Performance:  It is also important to tell your agents that every good performer will be rewarded. Reward those agents who performed up-to your expectations. If an agent achieves the goal that you set for him then reward him with bonus or a gift. This would motivate others to perform better. For example, inbound call centres can set an average call value as the goal for their teams and reward agents according to their performance.

Most of the vendors offering call centres services in India implement such performance enhancing strategies at their delivery centers. Therefore, it would be better if you hire offshore call centers In India for your various customer support requirements.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Lifestyle Of BPO Employees In India

India is the hub of business process outsourcing services and attracts largest number of offshore clients in the world. The huge manpower available in India makes it possible for Indian call centers to deliver high quality services to their clients. The lifestyle of these BPO employees is highly attractive and has many benefits for them.
Some of the major aspects of the lifestyle of a BPO employee are:
Salary: Salary is one of the most prominent factors influencing people to join this highly dynamic and growing industry. The starting salaries offered by these BPO’s are very good and the normal salary of a person working in BPO segment ranges from 15000 to 30000, sometimes even higher. Thus, a person is not required to have an engineer’s or advanced degree to work and earn good money.
Education: The basic requirements for a BPO job are good communication skills and fluency in English. However, most call centers also ask for graduation degree. BPO segments, such as medical and tech support, give preference to candidates with relevant experience or educational background. Knowledge of multiple languages is also very beneficial. Spanish, French and German languages are always in demand.
Opportunity To Work In Overseas Locations: Employees can get the opportunity of visiting and working in overseas locations. Most of the large scale BPO’s send some of their employees to offshore countries on a regular basis. This provides them a great opportunity to earn good money and learn about the working culture and environment of other countries.
Smart Work Skills: Proper training is provided to employees which develops smart work skills in them. The BPO industry prefers smart employees rather than highly educated resources. Further, once these skills are developed, an employee can easily change jobs and get better salary at any other call centre in India.
Offshore businesses prefer call centre services india because Indian service providers as their employees are smart, hard working and cost effective. In-return, the employees are offered a high standard of lifestyle along with job satisfaction and good salary.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

How call centers help different business segments

Call centers play a very important role in the proper functioning of almost every business segment today. Large organizations and enterprises heavily depend upon call centers for their smooth functioning on a daily basis. Mentioned below are some ways in which call centers help businesses.

Sales &Business: In the present professional world call center services are taken by organizations and businesse from all over the world and there is really no need to explain its importance in our life. Due to the advancements in the information technology, communication gap has been significantly reduced and the world has become a global village. Call center allow organizations to function properly without increasing their workforce for non-core business activities that are highly critical for business survival. As one call center agent can handle at least hundred customers in a day therefore hiring an offshore call centres can save their precious time, improve their productivity and maximize their profit. For example, you own a mobile company and your customers need help for booking, repairing or regarding any issue. In this case by dialing one particular number, a customer can easily get proper assistance by call a center agent. These agents can take new orders for mobile phones from callers and thus provide you effective telemarketing services.

Customer Motivation: Customer feedback is very important as per business point of view. The information gained through these feedbacks helps businesses n determining whether they are doing things in the right way or wrong way. Further, it also informs about the faults in their services or products. Sometimes customers receive poor services and contact the organization to get it solved. Call center agents can be appointed to listen their problems and carry forward them to the organization to get rid of their problems. This is an integral part of customer motivation.

Customer Base knowledge: Industries like Telecom, advertising agencies, consultants and accounting firms generate and sell business to their customers. However, they do not have the proper information of their customer base. This information can be easily acquired through various solutions and tools provided by information technology. Offshore call centres agents can then communicate with these potential customers and generate business for their clients.

Indian Call Centers in Business World: There are many international call center located in India which provide reliable services to their clients. India is a hub of IT outsourcing and BPO services which makes it one of the most desirable location for western and European countries to outsource their business requirements. Most of the European and western businesses go for Call centre services in India on order to fulfill their various requirements through international call centers offering call center support services, technical support, chat support, email support and direct response services.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Call Center services in India is the cause of growth in job and life style

In The world of business, BPO industry is a new platform to get more and more business in a short time. BPO industry is also well providing complete services to the costumers in different business and product field.  It’s all credit goes to UK, USA like another developed countries which have outsourced most of their project to another countries like India, china, Philippines. In the beginning period of “BPO” Philippines took highly growth but later on in the age of completion INDIA, China also played important role to share it. 
There is no doubt Indian Call Center Services providers are earning good amount of  revenue, simultaneously  executing  new chance of  job in last  few years for youngsters. Indian students after completing graduation become in the need of job to survive.  And today only Outsource Call Centres are the best option to fight with unemployment diseases.
On another side hardly some one likes the idea of American jobs moving overseas. Some USA base company like IBM, Microsoft, Accenture, Dell Hiring staff in India at lower costs and increasing their profit which is great dispute between Organization and workers who have lost their job or last expectation of job over there.
India’s Offshore call centres do not need to worry due to golden term of business policy with western countries by Government. IT and BPO both Industries have made too much prosperous then other Industry sector. 
It is very clear concept of every one that job of call centers is very easy to find but working on Executive level is a tuff task having this concern payment of each employ released in hand some amount so that employ can full fill not only their basic need but also luxurious life. Due to this reason Indian life style totally has become change.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Feedback in the Contact Center Outsourcing Industry Matters a Lot

The call center industry is a prime support for business holders that needs customer all the way from the different corners of the globe. It is believed that the interaction of the hard work of the customer representatives is hardly justified in a majority of call centers. Is it the fault of the managers or the supervisors that only believes in attending calls? Or it is not a way to allow feedback session for the tele-callers who spends day and night in the service of the customers. A recent survey exclaimed that     
  • Around 65 percent remarked that they have very few interaction sessions with their superiors
  • 50 percent said that they were appreciated without any proper feedback on the vital aspects of their performance
  • The criticism was more than the above stated factors and very less information was provided to correct the problem
With these statements, we can simply draw a statement to notice that the feedback is never been considered as the basic elements that boost performance level. There are hardly very few managers in the contact center outsourcing companies do not cooperate on a consistent basis with their teams. The emphasis is only being laid on the targets and business results.
A very common dialogue from the superiors is - “Last month we overlooked our sales goal.  This month we need not repeat the same but to knock it out!"
The feedback sessions can be a great tool to boost the confidence and eliminate the flaws that stands in the path of progress. It has to be very specific and the mentors should be delivering them in manner that makes the agents comfortable to accept and dedicate in the coming projects. Offshore Contact Center Services in India should be delivering the same to make a better foundation of the industry and set an example that is followed by all the competitors.
Feedback should be demonstrable. Show them the methods and make them understand in a systematic manner. Clarify the pros and cons of these feedbacks and how these can help them individually and for the company growth. Make sure to devote time while discussing the results and that too in a pleasant way. Try to make the agents share their personal statements and what are the conditions that are making them do so.  
The calling supervisors engaged with the developmental process of the offshore contact center outsourcing companies should be able to explore the other alternatives and measures to stabilize the method. Discussions and sessions in regular intervals are the most suitable methods to bring change in the results. When all this becomes normal and agents are happy with their performances, the business will ascend high.   

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Contact Center Outsourcing & Improvement to Adroit Business

The size of the call centers, its technology and the level of standards can differ from all the call centers. But the primary goal always remains the same- 100% satisfied customer service. The improvement in the contact center services can be easily utilized if the level of the CRM or customer relationship management is initiated with better strategies coupled with the prevalent methodologies.

Global call center is accountable for satisfying approximately massive internal and external contacts via phone, email and FAX. It acts as a bridge between two companies presented a factor to be lectured in determining how best to provide service to the customers and to establish the offshore call center’s service function.

The primary goals for the contact centers are identified as the following:

Talent to handle increased service request capacities
Intensification profitability
Capability to provide exceptional customer service.

Managing the call centers can be acknowledged as sequences of processing areas and system support that required enhancement consideration. For example, the following aspects need to be monitored in contact center outsourcing process:

Service request tracking
Correspondence processing
Illustration processing
Agent verification

There can be numerous recommendations for enhancements compiled with in-depth analysis and cost justification metrics. The use of the Process Flow Maps that pronounce the service request processing of the call centers is a great method to judge the performance skill. In addition, processing time and volume metrics were incorporated along with the prevalent technologies. These maps helped as the bottom line of describing the environment. With this the performances would integrate short-term perfections to cut costs and increase profitability.

Keeping a continuous track of the customer behavior process with the forums and the telemarketing survey can also lead to improve the service level agreement in the offshore contact center outsourcing processes. It is recommended that agents should analyze the areas from where the complaints regularly come from.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Sports Build Team Spirit for Healthier Contact Center Services

Sports and games is a very longstanding strategy to build unity and integrity within a nation or any group. Similarly, this ancient method has been taken into all the generations so that a proper co-ordination is conveyed along with the business organizations related to contact center services.  
Call center industry experiences a great stress and hectic schedule. Continuous engagement in the calls, customer complaints, order taking activities, etc. makes a calling agent frustrated and makes them physically strained. To eradicate these problems several ideas have been implemented and integrated with the call centers but hardly a very few of them could be successful. It is also seen that a great number of people in this industry have been facing health hazards and becoming physically inactive in a very short notice. Why is this happening?
May be the appropriate answer to this question is the ‘NO’ to sports and games in most of these establishments. The renowned BPOs engaged in Outsource contact center services have always been agreeing to the fact that the inclusion of sports as daily activities tend to show better performances in the team and overall development process. There are some call centers that also have swilling pools, gymnasiums, spa, indoor sports facilities, etc. that boost the mental development and kills stress naturally. In addition, the team spirit of the team can be easily encouraged by taking the calling agents to participate in sports such as soccer, cricket, baseball, basketball, etc.
This not only helps a team to perform together better but also develop the skills that can allow them to understand better and work efficiently. The communication boundary can be reduced and the openness for each other would certainly grow better. Call center performance gets a better shape when the spirit of the team is carried with regular activities. Besides, sports keeps the body relaxed and allows better flow of blood which in turn leads to brain development.
Organizations that outsource Contact center services might now know the actual working environment in a call center industry, But the manpower in the industry are constantly being affected with the busy schedule and long term stress that can be  a great curse for the later life. Therefore, it should be made a compulsion in the lifeline of a BPO to introduce sports and game and make the employees happier and healthier. The performance can only be better when the staff is happy and mentally prepared for any business goal.